21 Apr

Planting Potatoes

It’s time to plant the potatoes when the dandelions begin to bloom. Something that I like to do before this time is called “greening.” I place the potatoes in a bright light (not sunny) spot. This makes them put out some tight little buds which increases the harvest later on. It takes about ten days to two weeks for this to happen.

Once it’s time to plant the potatoes, I prepare the soil by adding a dusting of kelp meal, greensand and Azomite powder along with a couple 5 gallon buckets of compost. Then I rake it into two furrows with “hills” on either side.

Potatoes grow above where you plant them, so place them deeply. These were dug in about six or eight inches below the furrow. There is an obvious “up” and “down” to them. The down side is where the potato was attached to its root and the up side has lots of eyes.

Once the potatoes start to grow, the hills will be hoed on top of the stems making the furrows into new hills.

You can dig up some new potatoes once they flower or leave them all for a big fall harvest.

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