07 May

Turmeric Sausage

Turmeric is really good for us. It’s active, healthy ingredient is curcumin which has been shown to be an antioxidant, anticancer, anti-inflammatory, respiratory system protector and immune system aid. There is a specific way to get the most out of turmeric. First, it’s properties come alive when it is heated. Secondly, a bit of fat like butter or coconut oil helps it to get assimilated. And third, a hint of black pepper also enhances it.

So I made some turmeric sausages the other day that were to die for. I got some pastured ground pork, made it into patties and tossed them into some hot coconut oil.

turmeric sausage 003

These patties are rectangular so that they can fit into my pan. Then I super-dosed them with turmeric, my own garlic powder, a few grains of black pepper and Herbamare.

I cooked them for about ten minutes a side on a medium temperature, turning up the flame for a bit just before turning them over and removing them from the heat. It’s important when cooking pork to make sure that it is well done (thoroughly cooked). They were delicious.

turmeric sausage 005

We may not get a ton of curcumin from eating turmeric, but we will be getting some. Everything that we can do to aid our bodies in this toxin-filled world is a plus.

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