30 Aug

Tomato Juice

I was supposed to teach a canning class yesterday but not enough people signed up for it. I suspect that the weather was too nice—a beautiful late summer day. Since I had already ordered a box of organic tomatoes from my local farm, I decided to make some tomato juice.

juice 001

Washing all of the tomatoes, I placed them on my kitchen table. Taking out my Squeezo-Straino (a device that sends the skins and seeds to one bowl and the pulp and juice to another), I cut them and fed them through. Two pots on the stove received the good stuff. The skins and seeds went into a pail to be given to the chickens.

juice 004

Garlic was minced next. I left it in the small bowl for 10 minutes before adding it to the juice so that it could make its medicine.

juice 010

Herbs were collected and placed in my NUTRiBULLET.

juice 018

Some cut carrots were added.

juice 020

And some celery.

juice 026

Adding water, they were minced.

juice 028

After filling the jars, they went into the steamer canner.

juice 032

And look how many jars were made!

juice 038


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