25 Sep

Time to Buy!

The Harvest Moon happens in September for a reason. Farmers everywhere (in the Northern Hemisphere) are gathering the fruits of their labor and stocking up their store shelves or bringing it to their Farmer’s Markets. Many will sell 25 or 50 pound bags of potatoes or onions that will keep all winter at bargain prices. Potatoes need to be stored in a dark, cool place. Farmers often sell them in paper bags which helps them stay dark (potatoes left in the light can turn green and become inedible). Onions are generally sold in string bags. These should be stored in a dry place. Mine live in my pantry.

stocked up 006Winter squashes such as butternut, buttercup, acorn, Hubbard, pumpkin and kabocha are also available. When selecting winter squashes, make sure that they are perfect. Any that are nicked, banged, nibbled or without a stem won’t keep. Then place them outdoors in a sunny location for two weeks, turning often. If a frost threatens, bring them inside for the night. This seals them to be able to last for many months. Squashes don’t like it damp so basements are not the best place for them. Mine live on the beams in my house. Newspaper is put under them because when they do decide to mush, it often happens quickly.

mache, winter squash, cutworm 041A little money spent now can save you many dollars this winter. Stock up!


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