02 Oct

Freezing Greens: Spinach, Beet Greens and Swiss Chard

This is a great time of year to preserve some of the abundant greens in the garden or at the Farmer’s Market. While these high-vitamin, high-mineral goodies can easily be found right now, it is a different story when the world outside is frozen or blanketed with snow. Greens add a good deal of vitamin A, calcium and iron to the diet; always best when consumed in food rather than in supplements. Read More

25 Sep

Time to Buy!

The Harvest Moon happens in September for a reason. Farmers everywhere (in the Northern Hemisphere) are gathering the fruits of their labor and stocking up their store shelves or bringing it to their Farmer’s Markets. Many will sell 25 or 50 pound bags of potatoes or onions that will keep all winter at bargain prices. Read More