14 Mar

Microwave Ovens Are Not Good for Our Health

Microwaves have become all the rage; most homes have at least one and break rooms now have them instead of regular ovens and stove tops. This is decidedly a bad idea. Microwaves cause the food to vibrate at very high frequencies. This changes the actual chemical makeup of the food creating nutrients that are unrecognizable and unusable for our bodies.

If you doubt this, try watering one of your house plants with water that has been microwaved. Your plant will die. If microwaves can do this to water, think what it can do to food.

Sally Fallon Morell told me on a radio show that I used to have that microwaved food is very hard on the kidneys. My neighbor lost her Dad to kidney disease after his wife cooked exclusively in her microwave for a few years.

In 1976 Russia banned microwaves. They did so because they felt that foods thus treated had lost 60 to 90% of their vitality, altered basic food structures causing digestive disorders, lowered the body’s ability to absorb vitamins and minerals and lead to a higher percentage of cancerous cells in the bloodstream.

When re-heating food, cover the bottom of a saucepan with water.

reheating 004

Bring it to a boil.

reheating 010

Then add your stew, soup, casserole or whatever you want to warm and stir vigorously. It only takes a few minutes to become hot and it doesn’t disturb the integrity of the food.

reheating 014

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One thought on “Microwave Ovens Are Not Good for Our Health

  1. Thanks, Celeste, for speaking out on this very important subject. So many take great pains to choose the best foods – often at considerable expense – and have no idea how the foods are being “changed” with microwave defrosting, heating, and cooking. Thanks also for demonstrating how to do it. I usually tell my clients they need to first go out and find two sticks to rub together. LOL!

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