An Invitation to Come to Celeste’s Farm and Learn

Celeste Longacre and her husband, Bob, live sustainably. They grow most of their vegetables, preserve them for the winter, keep a flock of layer hens and support their local farmers. This summer, Celeste is offering a series of workshops to share tips, techniques, plans and ideas. Come and join her. Sign up early as space is limited.

Special Workshops

Would you like to attend a Garden, Canning, Freezing or Fermenting Workshop with your group, organization, or just a few friends? Want to come to a workshop but can’t make the date of the scheduled Workshops? Celeste is available for special group Workshops.

If you have a couple of friends that will take the workshop with you, Celeste will host one just for you! Contact her at the link below to see if she is available on the date that you want.

Any questions about Workshops? Please Contact Us.

Freezing the Bounty: July 29 10 AM—3 PM. $75

Freezing corn in the summer is the number one “big bang for the buck” thing that I do. It takes very little time and/or money and it provides me with delicious corn to utilize in my soups and stews all year long.

We will not only freeze some corn, but will process some broccoli and beet greens (or Swiss chard) as well. Weather permitting, we can pick some blueberries and throw them in the freezer, too.

Lunch will be provided from the garden. Participants will take home a bag of frozen corn.
Canning Garden Delight: August 24 & 26: 8:30 AM—4 PM. $65

Nothing is more fun in the winter than opening up a pint of Garden Delight to add to a soup, create a tasty mac-n-cheese or incorporate into American Chop Suey. It truly is “summer in a jar.” In this workshop, we will slice onions and peppers, blanch and peel tomatoes and pick and wash herbs and garlic to create this awesome food. Then we will jar it and can it for storage. A lunch break will be included from the garden and local farms. Everyone will go home with a pint of Garden Delight.
Fermenting—An Important Missing Piece from Our Diets: September 28 & 30: 9 AM—3 PM. $65

For tens of thousands of years, our ancestors preserved their foods by fermentation. This process not only provides us with digestive enzymes and probiotics, but it makes the availability of vitamins and minerals easier for our bodies to access. Our gut biome has depended upon these ferments for thousands of generations.
In this workshop, we will make some very easy fermented beverages; fruit and beet kvass. Then we will turn our attention to fermenting mayonnaise and a form of kimchee. Lunch will be provided from the garden and local farms. Each participant will go home with a jar of kimchee.
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Discounted Rooms Offered for Participants of Celeste’s Garden Workshops: Get 10% off a one night stay or 20% off a 2 night stay when attending any one of Celeste’s workshops. Stay on a working organically managed farm that raises 100% grass-fed beef, pasture raises heritage pork, chickens, turkey, cashmere goats, small fruits and a wide variety of vegetables, herbs, edible flowers and herbs. Tour our extensive no-till gardens, high tunnels, perennial beds and even participate in morning chores on our grass-based farm. An great opportunity to cement what you have learned with Celeste and experience additional sustainable farming practices.

Private rooms with private baths and farm-to-table breakfast available or share the experience and stay in one of our 3 bedroom cottages with family or friends. Additional farms and learning opportunities in our immediate area abound. Check out our website ( for more information or reservations. Use the code: Celeste2016 in the note section if booking online to get your discount or Call Jackie at 603-756-2855.