02 Dec

Getting the House Ready for Winter

We live in a lovely hand-made house that my husband, Bob, built. It’s an octagon with additions and it sits up on Sona tubes so that the air can blow under it in the summer.


For the winter, Bob puts leaves under the edges and seals it off with insulation and steel strips. This keeps us nice and toasty and makes it an easy house to heat.

house winter prep mache 003

house winter prep mache 006

He also covers the water line with evergreen branches. That way, we don’t have to worry about our water freezing even if it gets quite cold. Once is snows here, though, it generally stays on the ground until the spring. This gives us additional insulation over the water line and around the outskirts of the house as it comes down from the roof.

house winter prep mache 002

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