15 Feb

Extra Benefits from Gardening

Most of us know that growing some of our own food provides us with fantastically healthy and delicious food. Nothing can compare to the exquisiteness of a truly ripe tomato or cantaloupe. Eating fresh produce also promotes healthy cells and vigorous bodies.


Yet, there are many other benefits from spending time in the garden. The fresh air that we breathe is priceless. So much of our time is spent indoors looking at screens and this visiting with nature grounds us in a way that is nourishing and calming. Being out in the Sun, too, is our major source for vitamin D. Yes, excessive Sun that burns the skin can be dangerous but we need some exposure for the health of our bones and other cellular functions.


Another benefit that is often overlooked is the flexibility that comes with repeated sitting on the ground. In the many stretching classes I have taken in a well-known spa, I was often the most flexible person in attendance. I don’t have a yoga practice or spend a lot of time stretching, but I do garden.


And, of course, there can be beautiful flowers. This is the “soul food” of the garden. We bring them in and place them around the house to brighten our days and nights.



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