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lovesignsThis 360 page book is about all of the signs of the Zodiac and how they get along with all of the other signs. Each sign gets an equal chapter detailing their personalities and how to keep them happy if you love them. All of the combinations then begin with a fictionalized meeting where you get to see the interaction between them. From there it goes into the particulars of each relationship from that sign’s viewpoint and the differences if it’s a man or a woman. Very detailed.

From the book:

The Aries Personality
You like to be on top. First of the zodiacal signs, you are used to having your own way and you strive to maintain this position. Your quick energy and fiery enthusiasm can hold magnetic charm and you know it.

The Capricorn personality:
You are the workers of the Zodiac. Serious and persistent, you–like your totem, the goat–put one foot in front of the other until you have climbed to the mountain peak. You understand that knowledge is power and you set about absorbing all that you can.

The Taurus/Virgo combo from the Taurus point of view;
You meet at a local nursery. Attending an interesting talk on the care and feeding of perennial flowers and herbs, you notice a similar being asking intelligent questions about the wintering-over techniques for peach trees and gladioli. Something about the depth of the eyes captures your attention; you feel intrigued. You sense that this person could understand you.

Libra/Gemini from the Libra perspective:
You meet at the Grand Opening of a lingerie shop. You are immediately drawn to a fine pair of silk pajamas and, as your fingers run up and down the material, you notice a grinning stranger staring at you. Blushing without even knowing why, you return your hand to its pocket and feign detachment. You are slightly startled when a voice whispers in your ear, “Of course, in order to catch the true feel of that pajama leg, it really needs much more of a three-dimensional experience.” Speechless, you hope that the drop of your jaw was slight.

The Pisces/Cancer relationship from the Pisces’ point of view:
This relationship is characterized by intuitive understanding, emotional bonding, and lots of cuddles. The two of you share a sensitivity lost on many of the other signs and you communicate volumes to one another without words. Your mutual home is warm and cozy and you enjoy each other’s company so much that you rarely entertain. When you do, though, you both put on a feast to outdo friends and neighbors alike.

In Love with a Scorpio?
If you are in love with a Scorpio man or woman, give him or her your full attention and devotion. Sharp as a tack, this person definitely notices everything. You will be able to keep no secrets here; this person is an expert at ferreting them out. Truthfulness is well appreciated by this mate.

The Aquarius/Sagittarius relationship from the Aquarius point of view:
If your Sagittarius lover is a male, he loves your understanding of his wanderlust. This man is a true adventurer and he can take you to places you never dreamed you would go. You provide him with much intellectual stimulation and he often takes action on your advice. Your more unusual quirks are actually endearing to this man and he feels that he can be completely himself around you.

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